Communicating Catholic Thought in Secular Politics

“Herein lies the distinctive and unmistakable strength of Christianity: it confers a dual-citizenship, at once earthly and heavenly. It invites one to a loyal participation in society, taking on responsibility for the civitas terrena without wanting to overthrow it in order to create some utopian society. This quiet engagement with the temporal is founded on the fact of a parallel citizenship in the civitas Dei.
– Dr. Christoph Cardinal Schönborn, Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna


“We must defend the rationality of our beliefs, for example, our belief in the special status of marriage, and point out the irrationality of those beliefs that deny clear evidence in the name of a false ‘equality’. We must reject as the name-calling that it is all attempts to smear as bigots those who do not conform to a relativistic view of reality as it pertains to the family and other social issues. We must defend the Christian roots of our societies because our societies do, in fact, have Christian roots and our societies – in the main- have benefited from having those roots.”
– David Quinn, Irish journalist and commentator, Iona Institute


Below are number of resources for Catholics involved in secular politics.