The Travelling ICLN Holy Family Icon

The ICLN Icon of the Holy Family was personally blessed by Pope Francis on August 22, 2018, during a private audience with participants at the ninth annual meeting of the ICLN at the Vatican. The Holy Family Icon was then sent on a world tour to “visit” parliaments. From Rome, the icon first visited the Kenyan parliament, the Ugandan parliament, and the Zambian parliament. The icon continued its world tour by visiting the parliaments in Austria, the US Congress, the European Parliament in Brussels & Strasbourg, then the Hungarian parliament, the Netherlands chamber of deputies in The Hague and once more to Washington D.C. where it also visited the White House, including the Oval Office. From Fatima in 2019, the Holy Family Icon went to Mexico and then to Peru in 2020 from whence it continued 2021- 2023 to parliaments in Spain, Germany and Portugal and will return to Rome in August 2023. Will your country and your parliament be next to host this very special icon? Please contact us for details and planning.