The Travelling ICLN Holy Family Icon

The International Catholic Legislators Network (ICLN) Icon of the Holy Family was blessed by Pope Francis on August 22, 2018 during a private audience with participants at the ninth annual meeting of the ICLN at the Vatican. The Holy Family Icon was then sent on a world tour to “visit” parliaments in preparation of the ICLN International Pilgrimage of Politicians that will take place in Fatima, Portugal, August 22-25, 2019. From Rome, the icon first visited the Kenyan parliament in September, then the Ugandan parliament in October, and the Zambian parliament in November-December 2018. It was received in those parliaments by their Speakers, the local archbishops and the parliamentary chaplains. The Holy Family continued its world tour by visiting the Austrian parliament in January 2019, then the US Congress in February followed by legislatures in Latin America, Brussels & Strasbourg (EU Parliament), London, The Hague, Budapest and Madrid and finally coming to Fatima on August 22, 2019. After the Family Summit in Fatima, Portugal, the icon travelled to the Mexican Congress and the Peruvian Congress. The goal of this tour of the Holy Family Icon is to pray for a strengthening of God’s plan for humanity through marriage and the family. View the event video