Education and leadership formation

The ICLN exists to educate, empower and connect in global fellowship a new generation of courageous Christian leaders in public office.

Any Christian (current or aspiring) public office holder or policy expert knows that the exemplary leadership, integrity and professionalism required of them today needs ongoing intellectual and faith formation as well as support from peers. Our Political Leadership Academy offers specially designed courses throughout the year, allowing for flexible timing arrangements and manageable time investment required for preparation and participation, whether online or onsite. We offer:

  • Certificate Program: a core curriculum of 12 courses is to be completed online and/or onsite over a period of two years in a career-accompanying setup, leading to an official ICLN Academy Certificate in Public Leadership Studies. Core curriculum courses are: Christian Leadership in Public Office (I+II), Principles of Law and Justice (I +II), Politics & Conscience, Christian Anthropology, Freedom of Conscience, Religion and Security of Person: How to Enforce Globally Embattled Fundamental Rights, Catholic Social Teaching for Political Leaders, History of the 20th Century, The Purpose of Education and the Role of the State, Catechism of the Catholic Church (I+II) and an Elective topic concluding paper. Details on current course offerings are available below.
  • Special Courses: focused online or onsite courses upon request or offered specifically related to current affairs. Certificate Program courses can also be attended individually.

Politics & Conscience: How to navigate the modern challenges of public office
December 3-15, 2023 – an exclusive online course featuring live zoom conversations with experienced political leaders.

For more information on upcoming Academy courses click here. Any of the above-described core curriculum Academy courses are also available on location and tailored to the needs of your organization. Contact us for more information.

The ICLN Academy podcast channel “The Educated Leader” focuses on questions of leadership, law, politics and ethics and is free of charge: You may also access our podcasts through Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon and various other channels.